Our Own Oppressor

Most people think that meaning in life is this esoteric thing that is beyond our grasp. Many people elevate meaning as something reserved for the select few, while making a life void of meaning into their reality. However, it’s interesting that we think of meaning as a creation of this societal framework. I have thought a lot about this, and would like to propose that meaning is in fact a universal principle, something that transcends time, society, culture, socio-economic status etc.

Meaning is our reason for being in this world. Purpose and living out our meaning is our reason for being on this earth. We are born into this societal framework, and we do have to eat and have shelter, however, that is all besides the point. Regardless of our lot in life or what we are doing, our primary goal for being born on this earth is living our meaning and purpose. Yet we lose sight of this as we grow up conditioned by our society. This framework which we have created seems to have over powered any notion of  what it means to be fulfilled and what well-being actually is.

So we have a decision to make, either we succumb to this societal framework and throw in the towel and pass our days working in this system. Or we take control and use this system as a tool in the arsenal of life to express our meaning and purpose. In the former view we are being controlled, in the latter view we reclaim control of our lives.

What does this mean? This might mean quitting your job and pursuing the “work” (aka. purpose) that might pay less. This might mean taking a risk when we are young and can afford to rebel against this societal framework if we choose to do so. This might mean reclaiming your time and dedicating it to doing what you love regardless of its pay or what others think. This might mean doing something that your family, friends, and co-workers just don’t understand. This might mean putting yourself out of your comfort zone doing something that others thought you never could do.

What does life mean to you? Why are you here? Start with that question and let that guide how you live your life.

Realize things won’t change over time but this might start chipping away at some aspects of your life that truly bother you deep down.

For me, what made absolutely no sense is to work in an office for 9-10 hours/day. Yes, work is important but it shouldn’t mean having to go to this physical location in the morning and coming back in the evening. Work should be interwoven with life, it should be a by product of living your day doing what is interesting to you. It should be woven in with meetings, coffee sessions, exercise, watching a movie, hanging out with friends, networking sessions. It should take place on weekends and weekdays a like. I couldn’t understand why in the world I have to go to work on Monday and come back home on Friday to spend my weekends doing what I love. Why can’t I just do this every single day of my life? This is what really started the journey into questioning my life and what it means to be fulfilled.


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