The Point of this All?

As I start to think about 2013 and my goals and desires for this year I start to feel overwhelmed. There are so many different things that I want to do with my life and yet there is so much time in the day. At times I feel guilty for the brief moments of not working towards a goal or pursuing a hobby. I’m constantly trying to fill my time with something – whether that is meditating, working, writing, exercising, eating, sleeping.

Due to this conditioning I carry this constant feeling of anxiety with me wherever I go. This feeling that I’m not supposed to be doing x or y and focusing instead on z. However, I’m done with this way of living!

Why am I doing all of this? What is the point? Is the point of all of this so that I can be at peace with the future that will never come? It is time to make peace with the present moment. It is time to embrace nothingness by realizing that I am complete as I am today. It is time to embrace this present moment and really enjoy what I am doing right here and right now.

Whatever I pursue I should enjoy it wholeheartedly, despite the lack of perceived value certain activities may have in my future. I’m not advocating the pursuit of the fleeting pleasure that comes from fulfilling a craving. What I’m talking about is the life long satisfaction that you get from living right here, right now.

So this means that whatever goals you set should be fun and exciting. If anything seems like a chore you have the right to drop it and instead do something you like. There is no reason to over complicate goals, just pursue what brings you pleasure. You have to remember that you are in charge of your life, not your friends, family, or the worst enemy of them all … your own expectations! Don’t be a victim to yourself. Take control of your life and do things that make you come alive!


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