Caught Up

I realized I have a tendency to really get caught up in my thoughts. The other day I came out of a work meeting feeling overwhelmed and stressed. I just kept on hearing a broken record of inner thoughts repeating “You will fail. You can’t do this.” Then I took a deep breath.

Throughout my life everytime I am faced with a new challenge that pushes me out of my comfort zone I go through the same steps –
1. Feeling overwhelmed with negative self talk
2. I start making baby steps and project my lack of confidence to others
3. I start making some right moves but still am slow to project confidence
4. I start realizing I can tackle this challenge and do it well
5. I complete the task on hand with flying colors and I feel great

Steps 1-3 are simply pointless. Again and again I’ve risen to the occasion and have proven to myself I can do anything that I put my mind to. I just have to pause to remind myself that a new challenge is an opportunity to grow and learn. New challenges also keep life exciting rather than doing what I am used to day in and day out.

Why is it that my natural state is to react with fear of a new challenge? I realized it is basically I am too worried about what others think. I don’t want to let other people down and I don’t want to look dumb. This notion is simply nonsensical. Life isn’t about saving face, it is about being in the moment. Life is about connecting, interacting, learning, and living in the present.

Viewing life through this lens makes all fears melt away. A challenge become simple to tackle since I have a network of people to leverage to help me tackle anything. I have the ability to ask questions and ask for help when I don’t understand something or I feel stuck. There is no point in struggling with a challenge and not reaching out because you are the guy who is supposed to know everything and you don’t want to risk losing this reputation.

Challenges are truly the opportunity to grow in your role, in your relationship, in life. Challenges should be welcomed because they are opportunities to show that you can truly do anything in this world, you can have whatever you dream, and you can have what you desire. It is important to get used to tackling challenges because any path towards your dream will be littered with many many many challenges.

Next time that overwhelming feeling creeps up through your body stop and take a deep breath! You got this! You can accomplish anything you put your mind to!


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