Living on the Spectrum

Emotions are relative to one another. It takes the freezing cold to know what warmth is. It takes heartbreak to know true love. It takes depression to know happiness. It takes scarcity to know abundance. It takes lack of knowledge to obtain knowledge. It takes weakness to know strength. It takes pain to know pleasure.

The point is that our feelings have to change for us to know what these varying and almost opposite emotions and states are like. Oddly enough, you have to be grateful for the low’s to really appreciate and understand the high’s in life. Life will always be continually flowing on this spectrum, and despite where you think you are chances are things will change in the future. As long as these emotions are anchored on the external circumstances and situations beyond our control, they will inevitably be flowing back and forth for the rest of our lives.

However, through these ups and downs if you realize that despite what happens externally you are whole and complete within, then you can accept everything in your life and just sit back and enjoy the ride.


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