What can I Offer?

What can I give to you right here, right now? I’m young, not rich, still trying to figure myself out so what can I possibly offer to you? Offer to the world?

I can offer my presence. I can offer connection. I can offer my undivided attention.

I can make a commitment to wake up every morning and make sure and do one thing to make this world a better place – give a compliment to a stranger, reach out to an old friend, pick up a piece of trash that isn’t mine, give $1 to the homeless guy that I pass everyday to work, smile at a random person, have a positive attitude.

As a society I feel like we are tied to this idea that in order to contribute positively to the world we either have to make a deep sacrifice like quitting our jobs and volunteering abroad, or we have to become rich and powerful so that we have the funds to create “real” change. The truth is if you really have the desire to give back it should start right here and right now. You could be the poorest person on this planet, but if you make the commitment to approach this world with a positive attitude you have already offered way more than most people. Start today.


One thought on “What can I Offer?

  1. You make me so proud. Live your life with no regrets no after thoughts. I’m so happy that you’re moving forward with your dream, I know that you’ll achieve so much and be so content.

    We make a living by what we get, we make a life by what we give. Keep inspiring us Amit!

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