No Excuses No Exceptions

There is always an excuse for not achieving your goals or dreams. There are a million reasons for not doing something, some reasons we pass off as noble and others are due to a lack of self discipline.

No matter what the reasoning is it’s time to put the excuses to the side. If you really want something in your life it’s time to just do it. There will never be a time better than right now to do it, no matter how much we convince ourselves that we’ll have more resources or time in the future. As long as your goals are at the top of your priority list you will have to make the time.

The reason I’m pretty firm in this area is because I’ve been falling into this trap for a large part of my life and continue to fall into this trap til this day. I’ve recently been on a pretty strict diet/exercise regimen to get healthier. I find myself slipping, especially when someone tempts me with chocolate chip cookies 🙂 … I just can’t say no! My legs have also been pretty sore so I’ve been taking more off days than usual from my exercise routine. Overall, I know I can do a better job yet I continue to slip. The reasons I’ve been using are –
> “I feel so tired for this one meal I’ll make an excuse and not stick to my diet”
> “My legs are sore, and people say you shouldn’t exercise through soreness so I’ll take today off”
> “I’m out eating with all my friends, just trying a few dishes here and there won’t kill me”
> “I don’t want to be the lame guy leaving early from the party to get up for my morning run, so I’ll hang out just this one time”

The truth is “just this one time” is never “just this one time”. That’s how it starts, by making an exception once opens pandora’s box to making an exception every single day of your life. I realized if I want something bad enough, there can be NO exceptions and NO excuses.

I read a story once about this deeply religious man who made a commitment in college to never play basketball on Sunday’s. When his team made it through the playoffs the final game fell on a Sunday. He had a decision to make and despite the harsh pressure from his coaches and the ridicule from his teammates he sat the game out. Looking back he said sitting the game out was one of the best decisions he ever made in his life. By staying true to himself and not making an exception for such an important event he has had the self discipline to make commitments to himself and stick with it for all the other areas in his life.

Why do we sabotage ourselves? Although, habits probably account for part of it, I think the true underlying reason is because we need to use these excuses and exceptions as reasons for not getting what we want in our lives.  Whenever I’ve failed I’ve always been able to come up with an excuse – “I had too much work so I wasn’t able to accomplish X, I didn’t trim down because I really didn’t stick with the diet 100%, I can’t gain the muscle mass I want because I’m on this vegetarian diet, So and so has had a better education and more skills so I obviously can’t get to their level…etc.” I’ve always had an excuse ready in my arsenal to justify failure, in fact it kind of scares me to not have an excuse to use if I fail to achieve what I want.

But these excuses are just piling up and are stopping me from pushing ahead. It’s time to go all in and give 200% and see what happens. I can’t hide behind BS excuses anymore, if I truly believe in myself then I just have to tackle my goals head on and see what happens. What areas in your life do you think you’re falling victim to your excuses?


4 thoughts on “No Excuses No Exceptions

  1. Thanks for writing this Amit, it is really inspiring. The area of my life that is falling victim to excuses is writing, ever since I came back from my trip I have had one reason or another not to write. I am actually starting a new blog (working on it right NOW), one where I will write shorter pieces, so that I stay in the habit of writing. And I have you to thank for it, because seeing your blog and reading this particular post finally kicked my butt in to gear! Thank you!!

  2. I definitely do this. :/ I know to become a better designer I should be spending some time on weekends picking up new skills…but instead I feel to go enjoy the weekend socializing, since its easy to feel bottled up during the work week.

    1. Yeah I totally empathize since I feel the same way on weekends or whenever I have free time. I realized, at least for myself, there are some deeper reasons why I don’t get started that was worth reflecting on. Regardless, hopefully you can find a way to mix the socializing in with the learning of new skills and create more of a balance. This is definitely an area I continue to struggle with.

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