Goals and Beliefs

I think the hardest part in achieving your goals in life is believing in yourself. This is the biggest hurdle. If you truly believed in yourself then achieving any goal isn’t too hard, you would make it happen and stop sabotaging yourself.

For example, if I truly and honestly believed I was meant to be an actor then I would approach life with this mentality. I would take a million acting classes and perform my heart out. I would talk to everyone and anyone about this goal as if it was going to happen. I wouldn’t stop working, and I wouldn’t rest.

However, if I didn’t believe in myself, I would half ass things. I would approach classes with an air of shyness. I would talk to others as if I wasn’t worthy. I would use words like “if” instead of “when”. I wouldn’t tell everyone about my goal in order to save face if things didn’t work out. I would tell myself it wasn’t meant to be after each failure, and probably give up after the first few hiccups.

Everyone has grand ideas and goals, but what separates the people from those that achieve them versus those that don’t I feel has nothing to do with intellect, status, or circumstances; more than anything else it comes down to believing in oneself.


4 thoughts on “Goals and Beliefs

    1. I love that Ted talk. I totally agree you have to “fake it until you become it”…It all boils down to attitudes and beliefs. If we really visualize the person we want to be in the future and imagine the qualities/attitudes that future person has and stive to adopt those things into our current lives I feel like that is a huge first step!

  1. I think I need some cognitive reframing, and need to think about what it means to be successful, and then believing in myself to get to that point.

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