Micro-Decisions Making Life

You are a product of the thoughts, beliefs, and feelings you experience in every single moment. Who you are today, the way you think, what you do, your personality didn’t just magically happen. It came from every single decision (whether conscious or subconscious) that you made throughout your life.

If you envision being someone drastically different than you are today, you have to start right in this moment and change. You have to change the beliefs and thoughts that you unknowingly reflect on before making a decision.

Imagine you are a Honda Accord who wishes to be faster. You can add the rear spoiler, you can change your exterior color, you can add cool looking wheels and rims which all make you look faster, but you really aren’t. The only way to get faster is to gut the engine and put in a more powerful engine with more horsepower.

Life is the same way. We all have these dreams but to make them come true you have to start with the engine inside of you. You have to start by understanding what are the limiting beliefs you hold and replace them with empowering beliefs. You have to really understand your decision making system and become an active participant in all the decisions you make in every moment. You have to break old habits and replace them with new, better, and more empowering habits.

If you really understand yourself from an objective standpoint then your current life circumstances shouldn’t be a surprise to you. If they are, then you need to spend more time understanding yourself.

The point is that you are reaffirming everything in your life by the way you think in each moment. Therefore, the only way to create true change is to change in this moment.

The beautiful thing is once you have this understanding it becomes much easier to set goals and instill new habits.


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