Beliefs Create Reality

As I continue on this voyage of self awareness and development I’ve started to focus more on my beliefs.

Taking an objective view on my life it is becoming more and more clear that the things I enjoy and things I don’t enjoy are a function of the types of empowering or disempowering beliefs I hold.

Now, I know this can be a controversial topic, the whole “Law of Attraction”  how your beliefs create your reality. Unfortunately, I think the skepticism of the “Law of Attraction” is due to people taking advantage of this concept, and exploiting it as a get rich quick scheme or a way to change your life really fast.

In my opinion the “law of attraction” is saying that the deep rooted beliefs you hold is attracting or causing certain things to happen in your life. I think it’s easier to give a few examples:

– There was a good part of my life where I was overweight. Why was I overweight? It was because I ate unhealthy and I didn’t exercise. Why? Because I was lazy. Why? … (after playing the why game a couple more times)…Because I believed that I couldn’t ever be skinny or be as strong as some of my friends, therefore, I didn’t even make an effort.

However, in the last few years I adopted the belief that I can lose weight and my reality started to shift. It wasn’t magic, but essentially by replacing the disempowering belief with an empowering belief allowed me to make better decisions in my life.

– For a while I felt like it would be really hard to make new friends in my life. Why? Because I’m older and people have formed their cliques which they wouldn’t want to break out of. Why?….Why? Because I’m not cool enough and I don’t have anything of value to offer someone else.

By holding this belief I created a self fulfilling prophecy. By believing that I have nothing to offer I approached each new interaction with a timid attitude, as if someone is doing me a favor. I was scared to speak up believing there wasn’t anything I could bring to the table. Therefore, I don’t really blame the people I interacted with they probably took one look at me and were like why would I want to be friends with a person with such a low attitude.

In the last few months I’ve become conscious of this and really tried to shift my belief to a more empowering one where I know deep down I can connect with friends and new people and offer something of value. In the past few months I feel like it’s been much easier to make friends.

Every single day we make a lot of decisions, most of which happen on autopilot. These autopilot decisions are made based on the deep rooted beliefs within us.  These beliefs dictate how we carry ourselves, our attitude, and personality, ultimately affecting how others perceive us and how we perceive ourselves. The scary part is I bet that most of us aren’t even aware of the beliefs we hold and how that’s affecting our lives.

I’ve hoped I convinced you that your beliefs are more powerful than you think. As another example,  just think of the placebo effect in medicine. Despite the false belief, pretty much all studies show there is a placebo effect. Just by holding the belief a medicine is helping (when it really isn’t) people get better. Now think about the thousands of beliefs you hold and how that is currently affecting your health, personality, and life.

I’ll probably write a whole other post on things I’ve found useful for changing a belief, but the very first step is to think of areas in your life that aren’t going as well as you want. Rather than getting down about it or beating yourself up about it just take an objective standpoint and start questioning your underlying beliefs. Dig in and get really deep into the beliefs that are driving your conscious and subconscious actions. Take the first step and just become aware of what’s going on.


One thought on “Beliefs Create Reality

  1. I totally believe in the law of attraction, and that beliefs create reality. One of the first steps is definitely to stop being on auto-pilot and to be more conscious of the thoughts that we have. Great post, as usual!

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