A note to myself –

Having the courage to admit to yourself what you want in your life.

Deep down all of us wants something. There is a dream, there is something each of us really wants but we don’t tell anybody we keep it bottled up.

It’s hard to admit what this is. We do such a good job of keeping this buried that sometimes we even forget what this is. But it’s there, it’s always there. It’s there when you feel a tinge of discomfort when you see someone else living your dream. It manifests when you take a step back and ask yourself what you are doing in your life.

You can try all you want to bury it and to ignore it but it won’t go away until you acknowledge what you want. It takes courage, a lot of courage to admit this, because we all have the evolutionary need to fit in and not challenge the status quo. So we continue hiding it from ourselves and from others.

It’s really easy to come up with a million excuses for not listening to your heart, trust me I’ve used ALL of them at some point –

> I’m too old

> I don’t know how to start

> I have to support family and can’t be selfish in this way

> I will do it once I have enough ____ (Money, time, security, friends)

> I might fail

All excuses, all excuses for not listening to your heart. These excuses provide only temporary relief from the discomfort, it’ll never go away until you really listen to yourself.

It’s time to start challenging the “norms” you’ve developed in your life by following your gut and in the process hopefully pave the path for others in your life.

A note to the people who have it figured out – work with others that don’t and give them the support they need to follow their authentic path.


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