Giving Back

Do I owe anything to this world? As a citizen of the universe what are my responsibilities? These are the questions that I’ve been giving a lot of thought to in the past few months.

I’m a product of the universe at the atomic level I am literally made up of star dust. We all are made up of star dust – connected by the same source.

At a societal level so many people have invested in me – parents, family, and friends.

Taxpayers of the United States and California funded my education. My teachers, professors, and administrators created environments for me to absorb knowledge and focus.

Indirectly – the garment workers in Bangladesh have clothed me, the construction workers built my shelter, the farmers grow the healthy food that nourishes my body, and the police make sure I live in a safe environment.

If you think about it hundreds of millions of people have in some form or another touched my life and made me into who I am today.

It is becoming clear to me that my “successes” are not just mine but they are everyone’s. Therefore, there must be some obligation to give back.

Giving back for some might just mean paying taxes and being a good citizen, whereas, for others it might mean to volunteer and go above and beyond to support others. Regardless of how I choose to give back I just think it’s important for me to acknowledge that there is an obligation and realize we are all in this together as a world community.


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