I’m passionate about self development and spirituality and I’m really excited to start sharing some of my thoughts and ideas on this blog. 

I’ve actually been writing for some time now, but never so publicly (so for you grammar/word usage junkies go easy on me). 

I’m fairly excited to get this project underway but also a little scared. I think I’ve done a good job of keeping this “spiritual” side to me buried under the practicalities of life. Part of me has always been a bit scared of letting this side out since it might seem weird to other people or might take some people who are close to me by surprise. However, as I get older I’m realizing that living inauthentically sucks – it’s a disservice to myself and a disservice to everyone around me. 

Also, the more and more people I interact with (especially people in my age group) the more I realize how we are all dealing with the same stresses and problems in life to varying degrees. Rather than keeping my thoughts to myself I’m hoping to actually start a discussion – or at the very least provide some value to someone by blogging. 

Thanks for checking this out! 


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