It’s All Relative

While meditating this morning a random thought popped into my head about how all my wants, desires, and dreams are all relative to my current life. 

I feel like since I turned 26 I’ve been thinking a lot about this “quarter century crisis” and putting a lot of pressure on myself to figure out my next steps like – Should I go to grad school? Should I stay in start ups? How do I achieve the lifestyle I want in the future? How do I make time to focus on my other interests? 

However, after talking to a lot of people it seems like everyone around this age (no matter how much it seems like they may have their lives figured out) are trying to (for lack of better words) figure something out. I am starting to realize that this constant pursuit of the unknown – the pursuit of your dreams, hopes, and aspirations are creating your life and this is what makes things fun and challenging. 

But more importantly, it seems that everyone is going through this. No matter how much success or happiness it seems like another person has – that person is also trying to answer the “what’s next” question. This is why the super star athlete doesn’t stop after one championship, or the guy who sold his company doesn’t just retire early but decides to start another company, or more generally any person who seems to have everything going for them still continues to push themselves to the next level. 

There are probably some people who look at my life and are dreaming to achieve what I have. Actually, if you had asked me 5 years ago I would have dreamed to live the life I’m living now. Now 5 years later some of my aspirations are the same, others have changed and now I have other dreams to pursue. 

There is never going to be a point where I’m going to be there. I’m always going to want something else, do something else, dream of something else – it’s part of the journey. It’s a good thing, because this is how I’ll continue to grow – and this is what makes life fun, as opposed to sticking to a prescribed plan until the end.

This perspective is so liberating because there is no point to get frustrated if things aren’t going the way you want them to. Once you embrace the philosophy that there is no destination to reach and that you will continue to challenge yourself everyday relative to your present day life – then the frustrations become part of the challenge and make the pursuit of something more even more fulfilling. 

So the advice to myself and to anyone else going through the “What do I do with my life?” period is to go easy on yourself. This is a good question to ask each and everyday no matter your age – and as long as continue to ask this question and push yourself to explore you will most likely live a life well lived. 


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