Pursuing Happiness?

Currently getting schooled by Plato in his Republic and was thinking a little bit about happiness as the introduction to Plato’s Republic lays the groundwork for the perfect city (Probably more on this in a later post). Anyways….

I’m starting to realize that it’s weird to say you are pursuing happiness, just like you wouldn’t say you are pursuing anger or sadness. Happiness like any other emotion just is – and comes about through everyday moments.  

The goal of one’s life shouldn’t be to pursue an emotion. Emotions are in flux, they are changing, we go through so many highs and lows from the time we get up in the morning to the time we sleep. Therefore, if we set our pursuit on what we think will make us happy in the future chances are we are relegating our current existence in the NOW to the dungeons.

There is nothing wrong with having happiness in one’s life, I just don’t think it should be something we reserve for the future – something that should be pursued. Rather, if I want to feel happier I think about the times that I felt happiest in the past – When I am able to form genuine connections, when I get the opportunity to write, when I get to hang out with my roommates, when I catch up with old friends, when I work on difficult problems – and try to structure my present moment to maximize for these experiences.


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