imageThink of a job as a structured way to express your most valued skills and talents to the world. Your job is your opportunity to look at the things that make you most happy and find a way to express those things into the world and add value. 

In a nutshell a job is a structured way of adding value to the society you live in. The key is that it is unique and particular to your society. A CEO is most likely useless to an indigenous tribe, just like a hunter is useless to most people living in cities. However, the skill sets and talents of a CEO and hunter probably can cross over between different societies. 

So the key to picking or creating a job you are excited about is to find something that adds value to your community, while allowing you to express characteristics, skills, and talents you are most excited about. Similar to yesterday’s post – by understanding and reflecting on the times you are happiest you can figure out what are the most important characteristics to incorporate into your current or future profession.

Often times this is the tricky part, since it looks like there is a tradeoff between doing something that earns a lot of income (society determines it is really valuable) and something that makes you most happy. I would be lying to you if I said it’s easy reconciling this disconnect. 

There are a few options – either you can expand your current job and incorporate aspects that make you happier into your role. Or you move to a different job that aligns more with what makes you happy. 

What you do is personal preference. From an objective standpoint it does seem easier to me to kind of jump ship and do what you love and figure out how to add value (in exchange for income) to society over time. However, I know that this isn’t the most practical solution.


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