Lessons from Kickball

I hurt my knee playing kickball (I know, I know – who the heck gets injured playing kick ball? This guy does!) on Saturday. Although, I’m pretty sure it’s a minor injury and I’ll get better soon, I have been reflecting on 2 things from this experience so far – 

1. Taking the most important things in life for granted. 

Going from exercising daily and biking to/from work to being pretty sedentary made me realize how lucky I am for my health. Prior to Saturday I didn’t think about how lucky I am for the ability to simply walk and run outside. 

I’ve gone through this cycle before of realizing that I am taking a lot of things in my life for granted. It is unfortunate that it usually takes a major life event or something health related for me to put things into perspective and realize how much in life there is to be grateful for. 

People have job problems, money problems, family problems, personal problems – and it is so easy to get caught up in all of these problems without realizing how much there is to be thankful for like – health, food, shelter. 

Yesterday, as I was leaving the grocery story all I could think about was getting home so I could eat and watch the rest of the basketball game. Standing outside was a woman asking for money in exchange for a Street Sheet. As I hurriedly gave her a $1 she remarked on how cold it was outside. 

It occurred to me that it was a bit cold but I knew I would be getting home soon, and I failed to realize that maybe this person who I’m giving the $1 to might not even have a home to go to. 

This was a humbling moment, where I realized there are a million opportunities in life “to feel down” but it is really important to reflect on how much there is to truly be grateful and excited for. 

2. Giving up as soon as circumstances change

I’ve been on a health focused mission for the past few months. I’ve changed my diet and I started living a much more active lifestyle. One of the big goals I set at the beginning of the year is to bulk up and lose all my belly fat. 

As soon as I got injured on Saturday, I started reverting back to my old eating habits. I stopped exercising – even though there are probably exercises I could do that won’t aggravate my knee. I just started giving up on my goal because circumstances changed. 

I just kept thinking that since I’m injured I can’t exercise so I should put my goal on hold until I get better. 

It took me until yesterday to wake up to my bullshit. In life everyone has circumstances they have to deal with and these circumstances constantly change. If we throw in the towel each time something doesn’t go the way we wanted then we would never get anything done and never be able to achieve any of our goals. 

If I make my goal contingent on circumstances, I was never meant to achieve my goal in the first place.

This applies to everything in life – like if you use your intelligence or educational background as excuses for not being able to get the job you want or achieving the level of success that you want. Or if you use your looks or personality as reasons for not being the type of person you want or having the relationships you want. 

These are all excuses for not living the life you visualize for yourself. I know that circumstances definitely can make some things harder to achieve, but acknowledging and accepting circumstances and then putting together a game plan to still get what you want is where true growth happens and is definitely where your true colors are revealed.

I really think the most successful people have cultivated a mindset that no matter what circumstances are present they will adapt and work through them.


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