Derailing the Train

 Sometimes it feels like life is spent full speed ahead on a train rolling down a track  you can’t get off of. This track could symbolize a lot of things in life – job, relationships, expectations etc. 

Often times we’re on this track without even realizing it – confining ourselves to go through the motions without understanding we have a choice in the matter. 

Towards the end of college I remember that I kept on getting feelings that I was on the wrong path. I did my best to drown these emotions out – but eventually I gave in. I took a step back and realized that I had been going through the motions for way too long, and that the track I was on wasn’t leading to a place I wanted to be in the future. 

I was faced with a decision – to stay on this path or derail myself and get on another track. It was one of the tougher decisions in my life but I decided to cancel all my job interviews and become an active participant in choosing the track I wanted to be on. 

What tracks are you unknowingly on? Everyone is on a track to somewhere – just make sure you are consciously making this decision; as opposed to allowing someone else make it for you. 

I think the key to identifying these hidden tracks are to reflect on the areas of your life are you dissatisfied with? 10 years from now do you think you will still be dissatisfied with this area of your life? If so, then you have some derailing to do 🙂 


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