The world is so lucky to have so many compassionate individuals who give away their wealth to those in need. Folks like Bill Gates & Warren Buffett will go down in the history books as philanthropists and compassionate individuals.

I’ve noticed how at times I idolize individuals like this who acquire a massive amount of wealth and then choose to give away their riches for the betterment of the world. Although, this is a noble task I don’t think this should be the goal or purpose in one’s life, because I feel like it misses the point of giving. Giving is a compassionate act that isn’t reserved for the rich nor the poor, it is something that each being is able to practice despite wealth.

The act of giving signifies the ability for an individual to look at another individual and acknowledge that they are one in the same, a true egoless act. Although, I do think what these very wealthy philanthropists are doing is amazing, I think it is even more amazing when the poor person with nothing chooses to give.


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