No Purpose


Purpose, why are we here? What is the point of our being? I’ve spent a lot of time trying to answer this question, because it felt like in this answer I would find the key to figuring out what I am supposed to do with my life and most importantly live a meaningful and happy life.

My thinking on purpose has evolved quite a bit in the past decade, and instead of sharing these thoughts I want to explore the idea of no purpose. The idea that what your purpose is doesn’t matter for you are living right now. You could make the argument that regardless of whether you have a purpose or no purpose you are alive right now and therefore your purpose in this very moment is to be here present right now. Since you are alive your purpose is to do what makes you come the most alive in this moment.

For example, I’m sitting at a coffee shop right now and I’m choosing to write instead of doing a bunch of other alternative activities like hanging out with friends, browsing Facebook, running, reading, daydreaming etc. In this moment, writing is what is making me feel most alive and engaged with the moment. Instead of trying to answer the singular question about what my purpose is, and trying to plan my activities from this idea, the reverse approach of pursuing what makes me come most alive in the moment is far easier.

In situations where you feel like you have less autonomy, such as at work, you have the decision to accept and be 100% engaged in your work or you can spend your day browsing the internet. The question boils down to answering relatively what makes you feel most alive (You can replace “alive” with other adjectives like inspired, motivated, ambitious, engaged etc.). I would guess that as long as you continue to push yourself towards experiences that make you feel most alive, you’ll find your purpose(s) in life.


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