The most liberating experience in my 20s was the moment I realized that no one knows the answers to life’s deepest questions. I have been waiting for the moment where I would feel like an adult and be granted access to the vault of knowledge that only adults are privileged to access.

However, there is no vault. No one has the right answers as to how you should live your life. You can copy how others are living their lives and hope that will work for you. Or you can go off and march to the beat of your own drum. There is no right answer.

Since there are no clearly right or wrong answers on how you should live, I would embrace the lean startup mentality. Test, fail fast, and move on. The only way to figure out what you truly love is to try a bunch of things. You’ll love some things, you’ll hate other things, and eventually you’ll start gravitating towards the experience you love.


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