Potential & Beliefs


I’m tired of the limiting beliefs – the statements that start with “I can’t”, “I’m too old”, “I’m not smart enough”. These are all excuses for not getting what you want in life. I’ve been aware about the impact of limiting beliefs, and this was driven home after my last reflection from reading the Growth Mindset.

I’m convinced that the difference between people who get what they want versus those that don’t boils down to beliefs. The people who don’t create the lives that they want hide behind limiting beliefs that prevent them from even trying or cause them to quit early. The people who do get what they want just go after it with 100% effort.

So many times in my life I hid behind the excuse that the “other guy” is more talented and skilled than I am so why even try? The “other guy” is smarter so I stand no chance. I was convinced that the people who have really made it have something that I don’t possess yet. I now realize how nonsensical this way of thinking is.

As I mentioned in a previous post I think one of the greatest lessons I’ve learned in my 20s is that there is no secret that the “other” person possesses to this life. No one has the answer to living a successful, meaningful live – however, we all behave as if others do. The only difference that separates the people who actually create the lives they want versus those that don’t is that the former group chooses what they want and devote a mind numbing amount of work to get there. The people who get what they want do not hide behind excuses and limiting beliefs.

It is so sad to me when I meet incredibly intelligent and passionate people who are scared to follow their heart because of limiting beliefs. Each of us has so much potential and so much to offer the world, and it is a disservice to everyone if we choose to cower down under limiting beliefs as opposed to rising up and living to our full potential.


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