What is the point of life?

Although, asking this question is an interesting thought experiment, the question is futile. All that matters is to realize that you are right now. You are life and living right now in this moment.

Instead of trying to make sense of this life, just drop the illusion, live for the truth, and be as you want to be in this moment. This doesn’t mean to turn your life into a series of goals to achieve and a series of things to do. What it means is to acknowledge this sacred moment where you are life in the universe. If at times  you feel disconnected from life, it is because the illusion is causing you to act in a way that cuts you off from the present.

The illusion tells you to act a certain way, say things a certain way, do somethings and not others. The illusion cuts you off from the present telling you to think and plan endlessly for the future, while worrying about the past. The illusion says life itself is not enough, but it must be defined and complemented by things as a society we have created. The illusion says to be economical and practical (plan for buying a house, wedding, retirement or more stuff) as opposed to embracing the beauty in this moment.

It is up to us to decide to be different and live now in the moment and be connected to the life energy that is universal. We can surrender to the energy that fills every void and does not discriminate based on race, socio-economic status, religion, looks, gender, and sexual orientation. Live now and feel the compassion for everyone and everything radiate through your body.

The only thing to do is to fully connect to now, because fully connecting to now allows you to say what you want to say, pursue what you want to pursue, be what you want to be, without filtering your reality through the illusion that distorts everything. The only way to understand your true reason for being is by identifying it in this moment. Live now.


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