True Love


I’ve spent the past 2 weeks at Lake Atitlan in Guatemala and describing this place as magical would be an understatement. For people that are spiritually inclined this is our Mecca.

In between reading Krishnamurthi, meditation, yoga, and spiritual conversations I’ve never felt as connected to my truth. The way this community functions reminds me of how I want to live and what I want to contribute to the world (more about that in a future post).

The only way to describe how I feel right now is pure love and ecstasy for everything and everyone around me. I was having breakfast the other day and all of the sudden I felt this wave of energy coming from my chest, so strong that it brought me to tears. Although, this feeling comes and goes in waves what I realize is that this is our natural state. If we all just focus and listen deeply, what we’ll realize and experience is that all we are is energy and love.

I realize that what the world needs to feel is this love. I think what happens is that as we age and get caught up in our thoughts, expectations, and structure we forget that all we are, are beings of light. When we forget this its easy to get bogged down and beaten up by life.

I want to spend my time reminding people what they truly are, so they too can experience this pure joy of being. If you feel this, nothing else matters. There is no lack, there are no divisions, there are no hindus or muslims, no palestinians or israelis, no rich or poor, no republicans or democrats. You can’t deny another person with this love in your heart.

Denying immigrants, the poor, those in need make no sense with this love. We are just beings living together in unison. True love doesn’t discriminate based on kin, friends, or enemies. This love is a state of being that emanates deep within the soul. It is a way to approach the world. It is a way of being. This is love.

Any idea that we must do something for love, to achieve love, to maintain love is not possible for love is just there within always no matter what.

We are in so much pain and we spend so much time and energy denying each other love because of social norms and our busy lives. We are so focused on getting somewhere and doing something that we forget about why we are here, we forget that our purpose in life, at home, in work, on the road is to be a source of love and compassion.

We mistake our jobs our money for the purpose of our being, failing to see that our true purpose lies in being love. We think that our actions will lead to obtaining something (call it happiness, success, satisfaction), when ironically what we are truly looking for can only be found by stopping all action and just listening within.

A string of moments are ingrained into my memory when I stopped myself from being love. The time when I didn’t stop to comfort the crying woman on the street, the time when I didn’t offer my food to the hungry man, the times when I went for the handshake instead of the hug, the times when I wanted to hold a person’s hand but I didn’t, the times when I wanted to give a person a kiss but stopped myself, so much energy has been devoted over the past 27 years to stop this flow of love.

Why am I withholding this love? For as cliche as it may sound love is our only hope, love is our reason for being here, and I’ve done such a good job in demonizing love, afraid of coming off as gay or lustful.

If you are like me and sometimes feel it is weird to love indiscriminately remember that you shouldn’t feel guilty, for all you are doing is loving yourself, your friends, your family, the strangers, the forgotten ones, the planet, and the universe. This is what the world needs.


5 thoughts on “True Love

  1. I finally get around to catching up with your blog and I read something that is so near and dear to my heart right now – i think for the first time lil bro you I was intimidated by your insight 🙂
    Ive struggled with this notion of being content and how its perceived as laziness, and recently I have come to realize that it was my own unwillingness to accept my inner peace- and consequently stand out from the mainstream crowd of those who are always wanting a little more from life. Your post showed me one natural extension of what is possible if I was to stop fighting it so much. Thank you so much for sharing this!

    1. Thanks Neki! I’m glad it helped and I agree with your sentiment. There is nothing wrong with just being and letting life flow, especially if you are just feeling that joy. Often times we take action out of fear, insecurity, or striving to find that inner peace; when in actuality no external action can get us there 🙂

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