Get Excited

Traveling has broadened my perspective and has humbled me by showing me the diversity and uniqueness of life and culture on this earth. One of the significant lessons I have learned is the importance of following intuition and flow. For when you are following these guides the amount of energy released is unreal, and life just becomes much easier and more fun.

I spent a lot of time blocking this inner sense as I attempted to abide by self imposed frameworks that life has to be lived a certain way, work must mean a certain thing, interactions must be handled in a specific way. Departing from the life I knew full of habits & relationships that I had grown accustomed to, to a world so vastly different, opened my eyes to the diverse number of ways to live this experience of life.

I personally have been fairly judgmental on myself and others, that whatever my future work is it must be humanitarian in nature and those wanting to do different things were “wrong”. As I was traveling and spent time with people who are musicians, artists, yoga teachers, spiritual healers, technologists, consultants, educators, clothing designers, and those who were simply being I realized that what makes everything so beautiful in the world are people just pursuing what they are most excited about.

Every single person had something unique to contribute to this diverse fabric of life, and I realized no one path is better than the other, for life would be so mundane without each person contributing what excites them most to this beautiful dance that we are all apart of. The interactions between the people all living different lifestyles generates the creativity that propels society forward. Everyone and their contribution is so important to the evolution of culture and society. The only mandate is to pursue what is most exciting to you.

Those interactions I had with the people who were excited about their life are the most memorable discussions I’ve had. The people filled with this energy go around lighting up every interaction and spreading a sense of well-being and love into every space they occupy. When you are feeling the excitement of just being on your path, detached from outcome and expectations that is true freedom. In that state you are living for the sake of living and not to get anywhere or acquire anything.

I believe this is the state necessary to really change the world, for this freedom not only means freedom to be happy but it means freedom from the system of economic downturns, consumeristic tendencies, governmental influences etc. You are in a state of being connected to the joy within which no external circumstances can strip away from you.

Whether you choose to sit on a park bench for the rest of your life, start a non-profit, or build a multi-million dollar business it doesn’t matter as long as you bathe in this feeling of joy & wellness. All paths are valid and equal. For when you are in this state (despite what you DO) you are changing the world. Quantum Physics is starting to show what the sages of the past have always known, we are interconnected in indescribable ways. When you are feeling well and joyous that is affecting those around you, society, and the planet.

Drop the limiting belief systems, drop the fears, drop the conditioning & conformity and start embracing your uniqueness and pursue what is in your heart. It isn’t only important for your own well-being & happiness, I believe it is one of the most important things we could do for the betterment of the world.


One thought on “Get Excited

  1. > When you are feeling the excitement of just being on your path, detached from outcome and expectations that is true freedom.

    Well said!

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