It is amazing how much we tend to base our happiness on acceptance or rejection. It actually shouldn’t be too surprising as our entire childhood and educational system is based on the notion of acceptance for “good” behaviors and punishments (aka. rejection) for “bad” behaviors.

This ideology is firmly rooted in our psyche into adulthood. I find myself and others around me guilty of basing our well-being on acceptance/rejection: getting into our dream school, hearing back from the job we applied to, getting accepted by the person on the dating app, receiving the promotion etc.

I think we should celebrate our achievements, but our eternal self-worth has to come form a deeper place of knowing. This place knows that despite what acceptances/rejections we see manifest in our reality it really doesn’t matter at the end of the day.

I recently heard a speech where a man compared life to a game of Monopoly – we spend the game acquiring/accumulating and beating others, but at the end of the game everything goes back into the box.

Remember, no matter what happens today, tomorrow, next year, decades from now, eventually everything will go back into the box: your failures, your accolades, your dreams, your relationships…everything. Knowing this, what really matters?


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