Fear & Love

What is there to fear? What is fear? Fear is living in the past or projecting into the future. Fear is based on the non existent permanent sense of self. Fear is an idea there is something to save, there is something to accumulate, there is something to protect. Fear is in the mind.

Love. Love is the antithesis of fear. Love is based in knowing that there is abundance if we allow it. Love flows naturally from the heart every moment, we sometimes lose connection to it, but it is always there like a river continually flowing. Love knows that everything is always okay, that we are all connected, that there are no limits to it.

Fear can’t survive in the face of love. Once we connect to love, connect to the energy within, connect to consciousness, whatever you want to call it…there is no fear in this domain. Because when we act from love we do it from a dimension higher than the physical dimension the fear resides in. There is no such thing as fear where love exists.

The next time you feel fear, like I did today, I ask you to pause and reconnect to your truth. Know that as long as you act out of love that is the point and purpose of existence, not to obtain something in the future, not to preserve a sense of self that is impermanent. If you act from a place of love long enough the world will notice. Some maybe scared, others may accept, and most will ignore. Continue on this journey, it takes the fiercest warriors to continue on the path of truth despite what others may think. What the world needs beyond peace, charity, education, and aid are people acting from a place of love: Buddha, Jesus, MLK, Mother Theresa all acted from this place despite what the world said – Join Them


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