How to Live

Have your goals in place and tackle them but…

Do it with a sense of joy knowing how this existence is temporal at best.
Do it knowing everything is perfect in this moment.
Do it knowing you are whole as you are all of you the “good” and the “bad”.
Do it feeling the energy in the air of life, the love, and the compassion that radiates from your body and all beings.
Do it with peace in your heart.
Do it knowing that the outcomes don’t matter and that the sole purpose of the goal is to enhance this moment and infuse it with love and energy.
Do it with playfulness at the forefront of life.
Do it knowing that death is inevitable and existence can end in any moment.
Do it knowing we are all connected and are conduits to express universal consciousness in a multitude of ways.
Do it knowing that everything flows as long as your intentions are aligned with action everything will work out.
Do it knowing that life is a grand play and adventure, and isn’t meant to be turned into a formula for living.
Do it embracing the curve balls, the ups, the downs, the diversity of people and emotions for these are the very reasons for existence.

This is how to approach life.
This is how to approach your goals.
For any other way misses the point of existence, which is to experience this moment in all its grandness.
Feel the energy radiating in your chest outwards to everything in the cosmos.
This is life.


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