Overcoming Apathy

Awakening Your Inner Wisdom

I find myself increasingly confused with the question about how I can contribute to the world. The problems seem so enormous and complex that I don’t even know where to start — government corruption, environmental degradation, human exploitation, poverty, inequality, education, terrorism are a few of the things that have been on my mind.

I go through this familiar wave of activism every few months. I learn about an issue that makes me feel incredible empathy & compassion, I go about researching it and learning about how enormous of a problem it is, and then I usually end up apathetic doing nothing. As I think about these problems what is becoming clearer to me is that the true sustainable solution has very little to do with the problems themselves, and almost everything to do with the world consciousness which manifests in the reality where these problems exist.

There is an essence missing in our lives. I call this essence various names depending on context, but I like calling it heart-bases living & inner-wisdom. We each have the ability to decide how much we listen to the wisdom within, as opposed to mindlessly following the status-quo and our conditioned mind. This wisdom isn’t something we have to develop, we all have it, but for most of us its been buried under years and years of fear, stress, and conditioning. However, this wisdom is within and ready to talk to us if we choose to listen.

What this wisdom says is to trust your heart, no matter where it takes you.
It leads you to make decisions and take actions that to some people may not seem rational or logical. It tells you that you do not need more money, a better job, a relationship, or acceptance to be whole; existence & worthiness are synonymous when you are living from your heart.

This inner-wisdom tells you to live with incredible love and compassion for others. It actually feels connected to everything in the universe, for it intuitively knows that everything in this physical dimension is made up of the same “stuff” & we are all part of this flow of life together.

So what does this way of living have to do with contributing to the world?
I may not know what the solution is to poverty, disease, murder, and corruption but I know that any true, lasting, and sustainable solution has to do with re-integrating heart based living into the consciousness of the world. Every time I am in tune with this deeper knowing I feel connected to nature that I can’t even fathom hurting the environment. I feel so connected to everyone that giving to others is natural and just common sense. The amount of compassion and love I feel is off the charts for everything in this universe. What would happen if everyone chose to live from this space?

I belief a lot of the problems we’re seeing in the world would simply vanish if we all lived from here. I know this sounds incredibly idealistic, but maybe this inner awakening is the best action each of us can take to solve the problems in the world. As the atrocities pile up and the problems multiply, we can either put up blockades and carve out a niche of security in our own lives, or we can use these moments as opportunities for awakening love & compassion within. In the face of world atrocities we can choose to be conduits for radiating love & compassion out into the world!

Although, we may not be able to directly solve the problems we’re seeing, we do have the ability to change our way of being and interacting in the world to propagate more of what we would like to see. As I think about the recent suffering: the airline passengers killed in Europe, the students executed in Kenya, the humans exploited in Asia, I can’t help but to feel that it all is resulting in a deficit of love & compassion in the world. The pilot of the fateful airplane and everyone suffering from mental health problems needs more love, those raised within these radical terrorist organizations need more love, the exploiters and exploited in the world need more love. The only way to “create” love for others is for each of us to awaken to the wisdom within.

To solve for environmental problems we need to slow down and feel our intrinsic connection to the world.

To solve for inequality we need to feel our connection to all humans.

To solve for corruption we need to feel our inherent worthiness/wholeness despite money and power.

To solve for materialism we need to spend more time within.

No amount of money, policy changes, and technological advancements can permanently solve the problems within the world unless we first start with changing ourselves.


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