Continuing with the theme of the last post about the limits of technology in replacing authentic connection, I have been thinking about how awesome the serendipitous events in life are.

The times when you happen to be in the right place, right time, and with the right person and something happens: a moment of compassion/empathy, authentic connection, the perfect opportunity etc. Moments like these cause me to feel larger than life, and make me so appreciative for everything.

As I think through product deas that can promote connection and kindness this idea of serendipity is an interesting component to think through.

I haven’t researched the science behind it, but without a doubt there must be a difference in the amount of “joy” that comes from seeking out ways to practice “joy” as opposed to having the opportunity present itself randomly in life.

I think this is why platforms like Twitter and Facebook work so well because the intent of these products isn’t to solely promote positive behavior/ feeling but when it does happen it is so beautiful.

This can be contrasted to people who support me in my goals on a goal setting app called This support is by random people and isn’t anything substantive, just a default message, which comes off feeling cheesy more than anything else.


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