Why do trees grow so high? I saw this picture yesterday of a forest and one tree in particular chose to grow far above the canopy. I couldn’t help to think what was the purpose of this? Why did the tree choose to grow so high?

I know it sounds like an idiotic question, but for a second lets pretend that the tree is a sentient being, and the reason for it growing so high is simply to LIVE and THRIVE. By growing above the canopy the tree has access to the most sunlight which allows it to live to its fullest.

I’ve spent a lot of time since I’ve come back from traveling trying to understand why I’m motivated by certain things and not others. At times I’ve been frustrated at my INFPness, wishing that I could simply be motivated by what mainstream society seems to be motivated by.

However, just like the tall tree doesn’t complain about his height and all the characteristics of the tree contributes to its life, I am realizing that complaining about what simply IS (personality, characteristics, motivations etc.) is futile. The purpose of who I AM is simply to live.

I don’t know why I enjoy meditating and nature so much, all I know is that by doing so I feel life flowing so strongly throughout my body. I don’t know why I enjoy silence, solitude, and reflection, but all I know is that by practicing these things I feel a strong sense of presence that I can bring into all my relationships and interactions.

This constant questioning and complaining about who we are, our personalities, circumstances, physique is a waste of energy – for we simply are as we are and the only thing to do is LIVE fully. Instead of the constant questioning it is more important to just embrace who we are to enjoy life, for what else is the point of existence?


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