The Line


Prince Guatama left the riches of his kingdom to starve by himself in a forest to understand the truth of living and become the Buddha. Arjuna decided to fight his own family in the epic war the Mahbharata. Moses stood up to the Egyptian pharaoh, even though he constantly doubted himself, and everyone around him probably thought he was crazy. Gandhi decided that non-violent protest was the best way to take on one of the most powerful empires in the world.

When I think about the stories of these people I can’t help but to think how crazy and insane these people must have come off to the people around them. They all went against the status quo and did something that violated social norms. These people, if unsuccessful in their endeavors would have been long forgotten by history & most likely ridiculed by their peers.

This brings into question, what is the line between insanity vs. sane, right vs. wrong, terrible vs. awesome? I used to think the line was clear cut til this past year. As I continue to grasp onto the idealism of my early 20s, there are days where I look at myself and I think I completely lost my mind and at others times the path is illuminated brighter than ever and it feels so right.

Maybe it actually doesn’t matter what side of the line you fall on, because it is all a function of your perception. Maybe the people that ended up doing “great” things frankly didn’t care. They just decided how to BE despite what others around them thought. They knew their truth and resolved to live by it despite what their societies were telling them. From this perspective, there is no line that separates the sane from the insane.

There is only one criteria for deciding what side of the line you fall on: Are you following your truth?


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