Finding Comfort in the Unknown


I believe a large part of life is spent in evading the unknown. We beat ourselves up, push our bodies, deprive ourselves of sleep, inflict stress upon ourselves in order to find certainty in life. What I’ve realized is that there is never certainty, there is no terminal point where I’ll finally be like okay I’m here, I’ve found it.

Instead, when we do get close to whatever vision we have there is almost always another reason to continue running and grasping for certainty. I’m not advocating to not have a plan and to wander aimlessly (nor am I condemning that path), but I think a better way to approach life is to make friends with the unknown. To become comfortable with that which is unknown.

When you can be appreciative and joyful even when things are unknown, then you are truly free to take action rooted in what you love, as opposed to action rooted in evading the fear of the unknown.

This fear manifests in a million different ways in daily living like propelling us to buy things we don’t need, working endlessly to change ourselves to conform to a societal ideal, or confining us to settle for lives half full.

However, the paradox of the unknown is that it can kill your dreams, but it can also be the place where you learn how to thrive. Ultimately, the decision is yours. When faced with this fear you can choose to run and grasp for certainty. Or you can learn to sit with the inherent uncertainty in life and make peace with the feeling. From there, you can choose to act, acknowledging that the true nature of life is always based in fluidity and uncertainty.


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