Get Out of Your Own Way


The biggest block to living the life of our dreams is ourselves. I make this statement after reflecting on my own life, and I have a feeling this might ring true for other people.

In the last few weeks I was faced with two “challenges” – one work related and one personal relationship related. Both of these situations instantly caused me to feel some fear and anxiety because the outcome was uncertain. I sat with this fear and dove in deeper to realize that for a large part of my life whenever I was faced with something novel my first reaction without fail is always doubt.

The inner chatter always says “You can’t do it” & “You aren’t good enough” – which I react to with fear and anxiety. When I reflect on how things in my life have flowed in the last few decades everything makes a lot more sense. If my initial reaction is always with self-doubt no wonder things in my life have unfolded in the way they have.

I’ve spent a large part of my life proving this self-doubt wrong, and to be honest this doubt at times has served me well by lighting that fire inside to work hard and prove the world wrong. However, over the years and especially now I realize there is no need to fight life.

The key is in recognizing the energy/being/greatness/(whatever adjective resonates) within you. If you truly truly feel to your deepest core the greatness that lies within, there is no need to feel fear, anxiety, or doubt, for these things are rooted in basing our self-worth on whatever happens externally.

I’ve realized that we can all tap into this sense of being, it’s there within all of us, we just need to get out of our own way and tap into it. We need to sit through the storminess of our thoughts and recognize the being within. Once you feel it, you can proceed through each moment realizing that no matter what challenges you may face, that energy within does not diminish, and then feel how this speaks to your inherent worthiness.

The biggest block to this is ourselves. We are in love with putting ourselves down, beating ourselves up, telling ourselves that we are these isolated bodies in this isolated world and we have to battle life to stay on top. This way of being isn’t working anymore, the havoc we are wreaking on ourselves, each other, and our environment is proof of this.

Stop fighting life, get out of your own way, feel the energy within, and live every moment knowing that your very existence speaks to your worthiness – and then experience how life flows more effortlessly.


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