Acting from Presence

There is really nothing for you to do today, no action to take, no tasks to complete, no goals to pursue — except to be the loving energy that you are and allow action to come forth from this place of love. Don’t turn your experience into a plethora of to-do lists and validation in order to feel joy and happiness.

Every time you make your happiness and joy contingent on external events you are giving your power away to the world of form, reclaim this power by reflecting on the limitless joy that is present despite “failure” vs “success”, despite the approval of your family and peers, despite what our society says.

When you align with the knowing that all you are is this loving energy, then you unlock your real power and can mindfully set goals and take action without worry, fear, and anxiety. Knowing that despite what happens today you are already whole, you are already love, you are already joy, you are already happiness.

Listen to your heart — if you feel the love flowing as you read this, that is your proof, that is your intuition, trust it.


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