The Power of Deciding

The power of making a decision is incredible. In making a decision you are reclaiming your power, you are taking ownership, you are telling yourself and others what you want. One of two things will happen — either things will flow in the direction you desire or they won’t. In either scenario you learn, you grow, you experiment, and you are empowered.

For far too long I have been scared to making a decision when it came to work, friendships, hobbies etc. The fear of making the wrong decision, led to massive amounts of frustration. What I’ve realized is that the frustration stems from being indecisive, from the cognitive overhead in endlessly debating between two possibilities and trying to somehow optimize for the right one.

I’ve decided to cut the frustration out by just making a decision. I feel so empowered by making a call and in this process I realized that there is rarely an objective truth in making a”right” vs. “wrong” decision. Life is way too dynamic and each of us are way too unique with our own preferences, likes, dislikes, experiences that factor into every decision we make. Realizing this, how can we expect to find an objective truth in our decisions?

As we grow up somewhere along the way we become fearful of making a “wrong” decision. We try so hard to turn life into a formula of steps to be optimized for, failing to realize that the moments that really take our breath away are usually in those serendipitous moments: the random conversations at the coffee shop, the sun setting perfectly against the clouds to produce breathtaking purple and pink light, the early morning walks before the city is alive — and these fleeting and seemingly insignificant moments remind me that true joy is in simply experiencing. True joy is not found in a right or wrong decision, it is found in just experiencing life in every moment regardless of the paths we take.

For the extremely humbling truth of the matter is that despite how hard we each try to architect a “right life”, we are all united by the common end of this physical existence. So whatever decisions you’ve been pushing off, it is time to reclaim your power by deciding, moving forward, and having fun with life.


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