The Beauty of Being

There is an unfathomable amount of love, energy, and peace found in presence, found in simply being as you are right now in this moment. Access to this vortex of peace is open to everyone, not restricted by age, gender, friends, things, money, jobs. Our natural state, despite what we’ve been told or taught to believe, is this loving energy.

We all (un)intentionally chase wholeness through external means – jobs, relationships, money, successes, friends. Recently, I’ve felt bouts of fear and inadequacy: Will I be as “successful” as my friends & family? Will I end up alone in the future? What happens if I can’t find a job or earn a living? Acceptance is contingent on how I dress and how my body looks.

When these types of questions and feelings arise we continue the downward spiral by doubling down on achieving a sense of wholeness through these external avenues – trying our absolute hardest to quell our insatiable thirst for acceptance.

But what I’ve learned in the last few years is that action taken out of fear, out of inadequacy, out of lack further radiates fear, inadequacy, and lack into the world. We overshadow our presence and being with these feelings – and that’s what we project out into all of our interactions.

The answer isn’t to replace the fear, inadequacy, and lack with confidence, adequacy, and abundance. The answer is to really feel your presence and being. We each have access to a sea of serenity & joy beyond these impermanent feelings/thoughts produced by the mind. Through residing and acting from this place does it become clear that we are already whole as we are.

There is simply nothing else we need to do in order to be accepted, for acceptance and love is intrinsic to our being. It isn’t something to achieve. I wish some of the people around me could experience their own being & presence in the way that I experience their being & presence. For if they could just get a glimpse of the energy and love they exude just through existing, they would stop chasing and demanding acceptance from the world, they would realize that they are perfect as they are.

As you act from your being, this world becomes this incredible adventure that you can simply enjoy knowing you are already whole. You emanate this love, energy, and passion through every action in every single moment.


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